Music to Life

Hailing from Chicago, IL, singer Dawn Prince is no stranger to turning tragedy into triumph. Growing up in a musical family, Dawn started out as a public speaker and orator.

She quickly became a prominent singer within her church and performing with her 7 brothers and sisters. The youngest of 8, Dawn was able to soak in the tradition passed on by her father and older siblings. “Although I lived a sheltered life when I was young, music gave me the opportunity to excite people with my voice” says Prince. “In a way, singing saved my life!” Overcome with respiratory issues, the training that singing required helped to squash any negative impacts on her life.

Listening to the likes of Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and Diane Reeves infused some of the great nuances you find in Prince’s compelling voice. After high school, she trained with the legendary Dr. Lena J. McLin, who has coached the who’s who of the music world from Jennifer Hudson and Mark Rucker, to R. Kelly and more.

Dawn performed with the McLin singers performing at venues like the Gospel Fest, The Civic Opera House, The Cultural Center, Channel Vernon Jarrett Show and more. Her voice can be heard on commercials aired nationally by McDonald’s and United Way as well as many regional campaigns with her voice-over talents. In late 2009, Dawn again had a tragedy to overcome. While driving home at night she was rear ended by a drunk driver causing an onslaught of pain and medical issues.

Through her recovery she found dance therapy to be the most effective while maintaining her passion for music. “Singing was one of the only bright spots for several years as I recovered.” Now back in full force, Dawn is ready to hit the stage once again. She has been hard at work, writing and preparing a new album and plans on releasing it next year.